Sunday, March 9, 2014

Springing forward.

I love spring, I love the fact I know the days are longer, the air warmer and the flowers are blooming. Even if they do mess with my allergies there is this whole feeling that the worst is behind us. A sign that we have in fact made it through the long freezing cold days and it would be smooth sailing from here on out. However what I don't like.

Springing ahead. Now I suppose it is a small sacrifice for the longer days and for that I will take it. But here is my question, does it really have to spring ahead on a Sunday? Because wouldn't it be a little easier to do so, oh say on a Friday night? I mean at least this way it would be two full days of adjustment before going to work. I am pretty sure I am not the only one sitting here behind the computer thinking, I should go to bed, I should be tired and yet wide awake because while the clock says its almost ten thirty,  your body along with half the clocks you haven't gotten to yet says it is only 9, and there is no way you would go to be at 9. You are not that old yet.

Not to mention, it messes with the whole digestive system.  My stomach not yet used to the new time doesn't know when to be hungry yet. Forcing yourself to eat when you can't is not exactly easy.

Then again, coming home this evening after running around and the fact that it was still light out at 7? Well that my friend, was truly absolutely amazing....and I will gladly take a loss of an hours sleep for an extra hour of sun any moment.

Now as long as it can stay warm.

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