Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Do you except the rose.

Ah the Bachelor.....a show that promises lots of tears, lots of fancy dates and lots of drama.

This season has been no exception.

It has been said before, I am not much of a reality TV fan, but the Bachelor for some reason always sucks me in. I adored Sean last year, so it was no surprise when I was eh about Juan Pablo this year. He is mildly attractive, and his accent while can be a turn on, well got old and it got stuffy. Not to mention, the fact that every other minute he was telling us he is no good at English....

And there was something about him, that just screamed....asshole.

But of course no one really agreed with me. They saw the outside exterior and fell in love. And last night, many hearts watched as the true nature of Juan Pablo came out. Leaving Clare, and 'picking' if that is what you call it, Nikki. By picking I mean just giving her a final rose.

I did not watch the show until this evening, and let me say I did not see what was so impressive about the guy. My opinion did not change at all. In fact it only confirmed what I already knew. Out of all the bachelors, Juan Pablo has sealed his fate in history as not only the shittest bachelor, but perhaps the worst one.

Honestly did we expect anything less of a guy who has been absolutely controversal from the moment the first showed aired?


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