Saturday, March 15, 2014


I have been severely slacking when it comes to blogging lately.  I have my reasons, though some are too personal to discuss openly at the moment to the mass that is social media.

I have tried to sit down and write a couple of times, but reasons for one or another always seem to distract me and keep me from finishing my thoughts. And lets not forget my whole trying to write while I was watching hockey, and we all know how that went.

Sure if you run a blog, you know there are always months and moments when you don't feel like writing. And the whole month seems to fly by without you even thinking about blogging. It is natural. It happens. But there is at least on some part of me that feels guilty that I have ignored posts and thoughts. There is a part of me that doesn't even feel complete if I haven't even written something for it.

But here it is halfway through the month...and my blog is severely lacking...

Of course tomorrow is a new day. And well, you never know.

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