Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Checking the list.

After loading my car last night I looked down at my phone and double checked the date.

December 2nd.

It is of little importance, there is no special event going on nothing that needs to be remembered. Rather we pulled away from the stores parking lot to realization that Logan was completely done.

I know what your thinking, overachiever.  And maybe you are just a tad bit right. But the truth of the matter is. We have never finished him this early. No, I am not one to procrastinate-at least in this sense-but I am not one to finish things early. I like to take my time, to find the deals and the bargains. To make sure this toy is the TOY. Which usually means I am waiting until the calender hovers somewhere  around the 15th. I have no shame in admitting this. So maybe I don't go Black Friday shopping, and have little interest in Cyber Monday. It hasn't really bothered me. And if you get junk mail as frequently as I do, you know the deals still go on after such days.

I will say this however. It felt good to be done with him this early. I see why people do it. I get it. Because as much as I love waiting, there was something to be said about pulling away knowing I have my son and nephews even done. Knowing I wouldn't have to worry about sneaking out for those last minute things, or attempting to make an excuse why mommy has to leave for a half hour. No, not this year. This year I will be able to enjoy that family fun weekend we have without worrying that the last Buzz Lightyear will be off that shelf before I can get to it.

This year I can work on perfecting my gingerbread men, or attempt those Snicker-doodles Anderson has been requesting.

Though maybe I should start Anderson first before claiming total and complete victory. Yes?

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