Wednesday, December 4, 2013

To whom it may concern. Another year, another letter.

Dear Caps-

Well here we are again. It pains me to even think about writing another letter. Why you may ask? Because I had sort of hoped we had gotten past this point in our relationship where I needed to sit down and write out everything to you. By now I had hoped you would have maybe heard me, listened and evaluated things. Believe me when I say writing these letters on an annual basis has not been something I particularly enjoy.

Perhaps we should just get this over with than shall we?

Alright if you insist.

You are breaking my heart. I know I say this every year. But this year. Well this year I mean it. Do you know what I did last night for the first time? I walked out on you. Half way through the game. And no I am not ashamed of it. You really left me no other choice in the matter. I hated it of course. How many times have I sat from the comfort of my couch only to watch the score of people do the very same thing? How many times have I sat there and said, you got to be kidding me. No matter how hard and shitty the game may be, as a fan your supposed to love them and support them through the good and the bad?

Yet, last night I became one of those people. I just couldn't watch it. I couldn't stand just sitting there watching the collapse of the team play out in front of me.Even Anderson who swears by them had no issue in walking out. See what your doing? Your not only hurting me but your hurting one of your own. Yes.

I know what your thinking, we all have bad games here and there. True. I do not expect every game to be stellar. But let's be honest here for a minute, and because I have been with you for over a dozen years now I believe I can be. That game was not just a bad game, it was a boring and yet hot mess at the same time. You may not see me sitting up there in the 400s, but I have been there through a lot of bad games. I had put up through the shitty games. The ones where Pittsburgh beats the crap out of us. But there was a difference between last night and then. It just looked so...

Lackluster. That's it.

It was boring, even putting the toddler down the way from me to sleep. My son said it best the other day. They lost because they simply gave up. They didn't try. He is four. And while he was referring to a different game, the words could have been used for this game as well.  It's true. Watching you I could see it. Sure maybe there was hope after they scored the first or even the second goal. But by the time the 'Canes scored their 3rd goal, you guys became the team everyone expects to see out there. The team that doesn't seem to really care.  I don't know what it is, or what it will take but the truth is. You guys simply give up.

No I do not have a solution to this. I am not the one you should seek for how to answer your issues. This is something only you guys need to address.  My only advice is this. Before any solution can be solved you need to find it in you to admit there is something wrong in the first place. It needs to come from the inside. As with most issues, it starts from the inside out.

And until it is admitted, the problem I fear will continue.

Best of luck.

Your faithful fan.

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Hillary said...

Well said, unfortunately. Even the game I went to, which they won in a shootout, was a display of underwhelming play on the Caps part for about 90% of the time.

The power plays were especially painful to watch. Ovechkin was completely ineffective except in the shootout. Depressing.