Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back to December

Well here we are once again. Back to December.

I am pretty sure I say this every year but when I flip that calender page over to this month it always amazes me. Weren't we just ringing in the new year? Wasn't this going to be my best year ever?

And yet here we are. 30 days left. I feel so far behind in everything. Especially since this last weekend brought in the late Thanksgiving this year.

We spent this past weekend enjoying it as a family. Shopping, watching movies and decorating. We did not think about work or what was going on around us. It was just a time for family.

And while I swore I never would, we ventured out to do some Black Friday sales, and actually managed to get both of my sisters and all four of our nephews done. I suppose I should consider this a win seeing as though the only reason we really went out was because little man was going stir crazy.

Tomorrow begins the first full week of work again. The good news, there is only three and a half weeks of work before a nice long week of holiday celebrating.

Welcome December.

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