Saturday, November 2, 2013

This wasn't supposed to happen.

Remember growing up 30 seemed like ions away, and then suddenly you turn 30. And even if you swear it isn't and tell everyone that it isn't. You feel older. But then you think. Its OK. Because as long as you have a sibling that is still in their 20's then you can not be that old. 

Until the day when your little sister turns 31. Now you can't say she is 30. Or in her late 20s. But she has joined you in the thirty something club...

This wasn't supposed to happen..not at all. This was supposed to never happen. We were somehow supposed to defy the odds and one of us was supposed to figure a way to stay in our twenties...


 If there is any consolation, I am no longer alone, neither is my older sis for that matter. And she can no longer have that amo to hold over my head. After all she is now part of the coveted thirty something club as well.

I am sure she is somewhere living up the moments and partying. I envy her partying ability as I have never been able, nor had the desire really to do this. But she, she can and she does. And maybe as long as she does, we can pretend that we are forever young...

Happy Birthday little sis. Happy Birthday.

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