Friday, November 8, 2013

Disney in the blood

Logan 2013
As a parent we tend to love when kids follow in our footsteps. We get excited when they decide to like the same sports, the same team, the same subjects. It is not always a guarantee of course because kids? Well they tend to be kids.They like what they want,  and sometimes it is not exactly what we like but when it happens, well we secretly rejoice and store it in the win column.

When Anderson and I first started annual trips down the Disney World we weren't thinking of kids or what they would think of it. Back then we didn't have a kid to think about period. To us, it was just a place we loved. It was our happy place.

And then our son came. Maybe for a brief moment we worried he wouldn't like our happy place. Sure what kid doesn't like Disney, but we go every year. Sometimes twice. Maybe it would be a little too much.

Until last night. When he turned and said in only an exaggerated way any four year old would say, that he simply missed Disney, that he couldn't wait to go back because it had been so long. His biggest fear is never ever going back.  After all it had been so long since we had been there that he has forgotten what it looks like.  What Mickey and Minnie look like.

It has been three months.

We do our best to remind how lucky he is to go as often as he does. That there are several kids that will never even go. He cries and shakes his head, saying he knows, but mommy, you don't understand. I love Disney makes me happy.

I smile and say I know.  My son, is just like his mommy.


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Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

Aww. Logan's so cute! I mean, look at that face! Adorable, Aleisha!