Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blogember: Nov 7th: A day in the life of me.

So you want to know a little about what your average day in the life of yours truly is do you?

For the most part is isn't all that exciting. The alarm goes off at 4:30ish, I admit I know I should get up, but I don't. My husband immediately gets on his phone while I try to avoid getting out of bed at all cost for as long as I can. Usually this means by the time I do I am rushing around and swearing that tomorrow, well tomorrow I will actually get up when the alarm goes off. I wouldn't hold your breath that this will actually happen.

After lunches, getting my son up and ready we are lucky if we make it out of the door by 6, and are heading to my parents house to drop him off. Its an easy ride, going against traffic but we quickly turn around and head with the rest of the crowd in to DC. I joke about my commute, OK joke isn't exactly what I call it, because the traffic these days? Well it seems to be getting worse. On a good day it takes us about an hour. On a bad day, 3 hours. Mind you, we live about 20 'miles away from the city. Today was a good day, we made it in pretty sweetly. The long drive in, which I do with the hubs allows us to talk about grown up stuff without a 4 year old in the backseat. We usually plan Disney trips-shocker I know.-and dream of finding a way out of the city. Believe me if talking made it come to life, we would be out and long gone.

He drops me off anywhere from 7:30-9 according to traffic, this  morning we made it in just before 8! I was excited about this. I grind my way through 8 hours of work. I am a little bit of everything administratively at a government contracting company right next to-and yes I mean literally I look into it-the Navy Yard in DC. Yes that Navy Yard. One minute I am a working on spreadsheets and assisting with hiring people, the next I am filling in for receptionist. And somehow the day moves on. By 4 I am packing it in, and making my way over to Anderson, and wait out the rest of the day for him at a lobby of a building.

It takes us another 2 plus hours-or 3-to get home. Yes, this means I can spend anywhere from 2-6 hours on my commute a day. Its brutal. I contemplate moving. I plan once again to head to my 'home' away from 'home.' By now we could be halfway there. It is sort of a depressing thought when you think of it that way.

We finally reach my parents house, its 7ish now. I am thankful my mom still has us over for dinner on most occasions. After dinner we head home, and spend the rest of the evening doing odds and ends. While it sounds hectic, we are able to manage plenty of time in the evenings to do things. Anderson usually hits up his phone, while I am watching something or another. Before we know it however we are calling it a night and doing it all over again.

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