Monday, November 11, 2013

Here's to a good week.

I have a good feeling about this week. It is just one of those, something big is about to happen though what it is I do not really know. True word of the Disney Parks Mom Panel should be coming out, and while I hope I get that magical email I know that realistically it is going to be hard to make it to the next round. It was an enormous honor just to have gotten to this point and the competition has been amazing this year. Truth is I know I could very well be disappointed once again.  And if it is not my year, well maybe that is OK as well. I will move on.

But I still have a good feeling that something is going to hit this week, something big. Maybe not for me, maybe this means for Anderson. I do not really know. But as I sit here this Monday morning I am thinking and feeling positive on things. I am smiling and dreaming and believing that good things happen to those that wait. That dreams and wishes do come true.

This is a short and yet sweet post.

So good luck to us. We all could use it.

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