Thursday, November 21, 2013


So here it is. The eve of what could be a big deal for me. This time tomorrow I will either be one of the newest members of the Disney Parks Mom Panel or I become another 2015 hopeful and wait another ten months to even consider the idea.

I write this after what has been an emotional roller coaster of a week. One minute I fight my nerves, as I second guess every answer I gave, every word written. I know I have done the best I could do. I have been myself, that's all I can do. But is my best good enough. The next minute is filled with anxious excitement as I wait to hear.  I think of the possibilities, the years I have tried and failed to make it through and how all of the Nos, makes this years yes that much more special.

And yet I find it has been an exhausting past couple of weeks. Perhaps the emotions have gotten to me. It is something I never thought about it from that point, just how exhausting the search, the desire the waiting can be.

I look forward to knowing, either way I am proud of myself. And if it is not my year, then you better believe I shall be back.

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