Saturday, November 16, 2013

Journey to Round 3.

Five years.  2 months and some odd days.

That is how long I have waited to get that magical email welcoming me into the next round of the Disney Parks Moms Panel.

It finally came Thursday afternoon. At 3:02 in the afternoon. I can not explain how it felt, as for the most part the moment I received the email it all became a huge blur. I sat in shock, in disbelief as I read, and reread the CONGRATULATIONS email.

I am pretty sure I asked someone to pinch me. Even now, two days later I still find myself living in a dream. One I do not want to wake from. I can not begin to express anything, my gratitude my joy.

Seriously. I went over and over everything. I had several moments when I looked at those that got the no's and felt incredibly bad. I know what they were going through. I have been there. The rejection letter is definitely not something anyone wants to face. I had received it so many times that I began to question everything. And no matter how happy I am for myself a part of me wants to reach out and tell them to not give up.

I know there is still the interview. I know its not over by any means. But right now, on this Saturday night. I still believe in magic.

And in dreams.

This may very well be my year.

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