Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Halloween is always one of those holidays I tend to forget about. True I have little man's costume-or should I say costumes as he can't decide which to be. They are both ready to go and waiting for us at the door the moment we get in.

He at the moment is saying he wants to be Wolverine, we have a rocket ship on standby in case he wants to, after all this was his originally idea.

But it wasn't until last night that wet even thought about getting candy. And as for decorations? Yea, yo can count that out as a big fat no this year. Including a pumpkin. Yes, count me in as a bad mom I forgot to get one of the most essential things for Halloween.

Anderson assured me this would all be alright, that it wouldn't matter in the end because really what kids want is the candy. But still a bit of me couldn't help but fill like I should file this in a never do again drawer.

'He won't even notice!'  He even said.

But we forget who we are talking about. Logan, remembers everything. Notice's everything. Including the lack of stuff.  And how do I know this? He came downstairs this morning and looked around. 'We didn't decorate or anything mommy!!!' In my mind I wrote a big fat F across my forehead.

'I know sweetie.'


Why because we were busy, because we were out of town. One weekend rolled in to the next and before I knew it the date read October 30th, and there was no way pumpkins were still available. We looked. But I couldn't say this to a four year old. I wanted to cry right along with him.

'Do you forgive mommy?'
'Yeah, it is alright. I will still share my candy with you.'

Maybe Anderson had a point....

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