Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Your gonna miss this.

Confession. I miss school. More specifically, I miss high school. Considering the endless amount of nagging I got, the bullying I received from my peers and educators a like, you would think this would be an odd statement.

OK so maybe its not the whole learning thing, or half my classmates or the homework that I truly miss. Because lets face it, homework on a Friday truly was the end of the world.

But as I watched the kids this morning make their sleepy little way to the bus stops I realized what I did miss was the lack of responsibility, the lack of having to pay bills or worry about this or that.

I missed coming home at 2 in the afternoon and turning to General Hospital while I did my homework. I miss calling that one friend and hoping they had done their homework-or could put it off an hour-to run to Sam Goody's and do absolutely nothing but drink sweet tea and bitch about how hard our lives were.

Because at 17, our lives were that hard.

I miss the whole new clothing smell, the excitement that the new school year brings. The new supplies because I m a nerd like that and get a high off new supplies, a fact that still rings true to this day.

I miss thoughts of homecoming and proms that I swore I would never go to because I would be the lone person to hold the wall up while holding out hope that someone would ask me to it. Yes I even miss the crappy high school crushes I had....

Really I miss the whole simplicity of it all.

No, I would not trade the life I have now to become a teenager again, maybe I would do a few things differently but that's for another subject. And I am pretty sure times are different these days, just like they were when my parents were raising us. But at the same time, there is something about this time of year that makes me long to be that care free.

Even if for just a brief moment more.

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