Thursday, August 29, 2013

5 things I learned from my singles weekend.

A couple of weekends ago I got the opportunity to fly solo for the entire weekend. No hubby, no kid. Just me myself and I. I couldn't remember the last time I had been on my own longer than an evening. I am a middle child, so growing up the house was never truly my own. I never moved out of my parents house prior to my engagement to my now husband and after we had our son there was always someone with me, or not to far off.

But I always wondered what it was like to live on my own, to be truly single for longer than a few hours. Had I missed out on something?  Well by the Sunday that followed my solitude I had come up with a pretty good idea of what it was like, and these are the five takeaways on my end of things.

1. Talking to one self is perfectly normal.

I talk to myself all the time, some of my best conversations have been against myself. I always felt like this made me odd because, well no one else I know really does. But in all honesty I can see now that it is perfectly OK to hold conversations with yourself, especially when your on your own because in all honesty who else is going to answer you?

2. Party of one just doesn't have the same ring, and causes a lot of stares from onlookers.

 Eating at home is great but by the time Saturday afternoon came around I needed to see something other than my four walls and so I dragged myself over to our local hole in the wall restaurant. The same one that we eat at every weekend. I slid into the booth and waited. The waitresses and the customers surrounding me kept looking at  me as though something was strangely wrong. I also think its probably the fastest meal I had ever eaten.

3. My electric bill would be through the roof.

I do not like being in the dark by myself. It scares the shit out of me. Which probably could explain the thousand lights on throughout the house..upstairs, downstairs, and everywhere in between. Something tells me half my income would have been going to my electric bill had this been my normal life. Perhaps I should apologize to the husband when we finally receive the monthly bill. Its not going to be pretty that is for sure. 

4. There is only so much fun one can have at an introvert party.

That's right the jello shooters were lined up, the slip in slide ready to go. I had it all planned out. A total introverted party for one. I was going to have a blast, get wasted and party like in was umm 1999?? But then the couch called, and I hate parties anyway...and the cleanup sounded not so appealing. I did however enjoy the evening on the couch much more than anything. Maybe the party wasn't a smashing hit. But as an introvert, I was fine with it.

5. My house would be immaculate.

By Sunday, the house was clean, the laundry done and had been. In fact I didn't have to do much at all during the weekend. I picked everything up, I cleaned up everything after so there really was no need to. Not only that but you would never know a happy energetic little boy lived there what so ever. I got a glimpse of what life was like before my son-which seems so long ago-did we truly live so clean?  And in a way, I found while it was nice to have a clean house in a lot of ways it was almost to clean, and left me with little to actually do.

I came to the conclusion that while I have always wondered if the single life was something I missed out on, the fact remains I missed the noise of my son's laughter. My husbands snore can get old and loud but it has come to be almost a comfort level...and while I do love my solitude and quietness that I so desperately need from time to time, maybe an evening is truly all I need.

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