Monday, August 26, 2013

She comes from Boston....

A couple years back, after my medical scares I really began to think of things I wanted to do. Call them my bucket list. Granted most of them weren't that great and consisted of things more in the line of be nicer to so and so, enjoy the time I have. But there were the one or two things I decided I wanted to do in my lifetime.

The first thing listed. To see Kenny Chesney play in Boston MA. Why Boston? Well I have this love of the city for starters. The baseball team has become my own, the history and the vibe and just everything about it has become me.

Second, Kenny loves the town, a couple of his songs revolve around it, so naturally.....and third, he usually ends the tour there. So I always assumed it would be an amazing show.

But of course I had to get there, it had to be at a time I could go. And I had to have the means.

And last November, I took the plunge and along with my husband decided this was going to be the year to go. It was going to be now or never-little did I know he would make an announcement of a no tour for a few years shortly after- I bought our tickets, booked the flights and reserved a  hotel for the weekend.

And waited.

Until this past weekend when all that waiting paid off, and my dream of seeing him in Boston came true. And did it live up to everything I thought? Yes. It was an incredible show, he played a full 30-45 longer than any other typical venue I had seen him at. Whether it was because it Boston, or the end of the tour I do not know. But he did. And it wasn't songs I was used to hearing, the same ones I had known for years. But the ones I love about Boston, and about friends and Island life.

Even the opening act was amazing, the end of the tour seemed to bring out the most in all of them.

As for crowd and all I can not say it seemed all that much different. Well let me say, the tailgating in Foxboro was dif more alive than I had seen, but on the inside they seemed more into the music than drinking, a departure from my usual tours I had seen him where its usually reversed. The crowd at Foxboro drank on the outside more. Or so it seemed.

It was loud, but I can't say it was any louder than it has been in the past at FEDEX Field, though I have to say the air did seem a little different.

And as the night flew by I didn't want it to end, I sang She Comes From Boston at the top of my life. I stood alongside Bostonians and the rest of the New England crowds who had no idea this DCtonian was with them and soaked it all in, the songs, the stadium. EVERYTHING. Because I was here, and I had done something I promised myself I would do.

And even if I am not from the city
For a night.
I was.

Bucket list task=complete.

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