Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Royals.

Its amazing what one baby can do. Bring a home back to life, bring a Nation together. Or bring the entire world into baby fever frenzy. Yes, its quite amazing all together if you stop and think about it. Like most of the world I sat yesterday watching from my computer, hitting the refresh feed every so often on twitter, and on CNN, FOXnews, the Today page because maybe one of them got the first dibs before any of the others did. 

But also because a few months back as my husband and I were discussing when we thought the baby would actually come, I said:  
July 22nd.  

I did not have any actual proof of this day, no inside information myself. Because lets face it, I am in no way connected to any of the royal family, or the Middleton s. But there was something in side that just said, that is the day. And last week while sitting around the living room with my family and the world was speculating that it was going to be Thursday, then Friday I said no, its July 22nd. My mom turned to me, lifting her eyebrow in only a way my mom can and was like umm. yeah OK. My sister didn't seem to sure that I would be right either. Still I stayed with this date, even as the rumors began. 

On Friday, there was a birth. Or two actually. Andy's best friend and his wife welcomed twins into the world Friday night.  Both mom, dad and daughters all doing well. And while the world watched Kate, we quietly celebrated the new births. They may not be royalty but the news of any baby is always welcomed.

Still the world waited, was she overdue? Was she? As we went to bed Sunday night I said, well tomorrow is the 22nd.....truly I did not think anything more of it. I did not even really care. OK I did because it was exciting but I actually didn't think I was going to be right. I also had an extremely odd feeling, so much so I said we are going to wake up to the news that Kate is in labor. Maybe I dreamt this. I do not know. 

And then, wouldn't you know we turned on the TV the morning of the 22nd, and  my thought, was exactly right. Anderson turned and said. 'Holy Shit....'and then he laughed, because well what else could you do. I said there was still time I could be wrong.

What followed was a thousand calls from that same mom who swore I was wrong, suddenly she was laughing and cussing my name out and saying things like I'll be damned. How did you know?? She informed my father, who sat stunned.

The funny thing is, I did not care about the date, truly I didn't. The baby could have been born last week next week, or in a month and I am pretty sure that happiness feeling would have still remained. And I would have still sat in giddy anticipation with the rest of the world waiting for the moment when Kate and Will would become mom and dad to a  healthy baby boy....the next heir to the throne.

But I admit, guessing the day?
Well that didn't hurt either.

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