Thursday, July 25, 2013

Under Pressure....

It has been three days since the Royal baby was born. Two since he made his appearance and while you would think the focus would be on the health of the little prince, and Catherine it is not. What is being focused on rather is her figure, the post baby bump that was so evident as she walked out of the hospital proudly beaming still with that after baby glow.

Magazine's are already putting out articles to help her get back in to shape, not fully encouraging her to do so right away but not denying that they aren't either.  Journalist and the media seem to be split in whether she looked gorgeous or still pregnant.

And we wonder why us girls have body issues!

I did not see a huge belly, or a horrible looking person by any stretch of the means, my focus was not on her stomach at all. I saw her beautiful smile, and how happy she looked. How William seemed to be adoring and so in love with mother and child. Or the little bit of insecurities about the whole thing, were they holding the baby right, did they have this, was it going to be OK. Things that seemed much more important than the ever small remains of a baby bump, if that's what you want to call it still.

Did I see it? Yes I will not lie and say I didn't. But to me, it was quite refreshing to see that not every 'famous' person steps out of the hospital in their pre-baby clothes. Hollywood may tell us otherwise, but out here in the real world, its not that quick. So yes, if anything I saw her as just another new mom, well minus the whole wardrobe and hair stylist, because that was fabulous, and was definitely not normal.

Of course the media well tell us otherwise on this as well.

But what would I say to the media? If I had a chance anyway would be this: there are far more important things going on than concerning themselves with the Duchess's post baby weight, or shape. The world is a cruel place and raising a child, whether royalty or commoner is hard enough as it is. Growing up royal while exciting as it appears is probably not as easy either. Shame on you for scrutinizing so quickly. If this is where your focus falls, then perhaps its time to re-evaluate your priorities. Because surely you have better things to concern-and write about- yourself with. We  remember all to well what happened with Princess Di, do not let yourselves aide in another heartbreak. I don't think anyone would forgive you at this point. Nor would I blame them.

Move on, report on something that is of importance.

And let the new family be happy.

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Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

Thank you for sharing this view about Catherine and the baby. I agree--it was very refreshing to see her a day after giving birth with her new mother glow. I didn't see a post-baby bump. I saw a beautiful woman embracing the moment after childbirth. I saw the new parents beaming with love and joy. The media really needs to let up on body image and let a woman be just that, a woman.