Friday, July 19, 2013

Five Question Friday-7/19: Bureaucracy.

 Its the middle of July, and hot in the DC area. Work has finally gotten the A/C problems fixed which is a good thing considering we went without it for two days. And because its Friday, it means its time for another round of Five Question Friday.This weeks theme: bureaucracy.

 1. The last time your answer was “No,” what was the question?

Actually about five minutes ago. I was asked if I could help out with receptionist duty this afternoon. And while I usually am more than willing to help out, today I needed to head out of the office to pick up those concert tickets I had won a couple weeks ago on the radio. The office is up in MD and closes at 5, I hated to say no. Even more so because I really sounded like I didn't want to do it....

2. What’s a rule in your life that just doesn’t make any sense?

During the week, I always wait until it is exactly noon to eat lunch. I do not know why because the simple more logical method would be to eat when I am actually hungry. But for some reason in my mind on the work week its noon that I must wait til.  Yes I don't really know either so lets just go with it.

3. What were the professional or personal circumstances surrounding your last passing of the buck?

I walked away from a job that I landed back in my early 20s because I got another job two days after I started, yes I was young and did not know what I was doing looking back I am actually sad I passed on the opportunity. Even if the new oppurtunity offered more pay, I think I would have enjoyed the other so much more.

4. What’s an annoying bit of paperwork you have to do with some regularity?

Filling out school paperwork every semester. Whether its for my son or myself. It gets old after awhile. But worth it in the end.
5.In some places, employees are entitled to regular smoking breaks. Whether you smoke or not, what would be another thing you’d love to take a fifteen-minute break for, every few hours?

I am all for them allowing a 15 minute break to take a nap every so often. I actually believe it would help everyone out in a lot of ways.  And for the record, I am not a smoker but I do take the non smoke smoke breaks every now and then figuring I can at least get up and walk outside for a few minutes.

And there you have it, my Five Question Friday. I hope you are all staying cool in this heatwave and may you all have a fabulous weekend!

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