Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's getting Hot in here.

Summer seems to have officially decided to make its lazy way to the DC area. And while for most they find this horrible I am trying to relish and bask in the moment.

 However fleeting it may be.

Yes I am well aware of the fact so many think this is odd. Their strange bug eyed glances in the elevator do not go missed by me.

And to defend my reasoning's, I have come up with a list of reasons why I relish in this sort of weather.

1. I feel ten pounds lighter, no coat, no scarf, no heavy boots. Instant slim down.
2. Dresses and skirts 
3. Slurpee's and Sundays.
4. Long days=my mood instantly brightens.
5. Flip Flops
6. Summer concerts
7. Because guys like Luke Bryan, Ryan Gosling go shirtless.
8. Cute toe nail polish.
9. Picnics
10. Because you can't exactly run through a frozen sprinkler now can you?
11. I am way more productive, despite my recent drought.
12. They don't exactly call it winter cleaning.
13. vacations
14. my son's freckles.
15. Because it isn't quite the same getting a groove on to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

Come December I will have to pull out this list, and relish in the fact that six months from then, these will be things to look forward to. But until then, I am more than happy enjoying this heat while I can.

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