Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Keep on...

Every year there seems to be a month where I tend to slack off in my blogging. This years seems to be the month of July. I find this amusing as years ago, on a little site I used to freak if I went a day without posting something about my life. Looking back, most of them were not significant or had much meaning. But I would. Every day. I assumed I would be in panic mode by now if this was back in the day on that little site.

 I have ideas, things to talk about. Pictures from this past weekend that need to get downloaded and then sorted to write about. But then something comes up. My son is away for the week, and those toys that we have so desperately been trying to take care of need to get actually taken care of. Things between the hubby and I need to get sorted out. The house needs to get in order and a night on the couch doing absolutely nothing but catching up on a TV show sounds fabulous. And so there sits my blog, my thoughts and that camera which is still waiting to be plugged in and put up.

And that post that I had been thinking? Well it gets put off for another day. 

But don't you worry-and yes I know worry you were doing in my brief absence because unlike my self you absolutely have no life right?? I will be working on them. I will be posting again. I promise. Just give me a bit of time...

Until then, enjoy life.

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