Monday, April 8, 2013

Its beginning to look a lot like...

Its been a pretty long winter in the mid-Atlantic region. For a minute I think most would agree we doubted spring time would ever get here. Even as March came to an end there was still talks about snow and icy conditions. We walked around bundled up from head to toe cursing the fact we still had to wear scarfs after St. Patty's day.

And forget about seeing the Cherry Blossoms, because apparently they weren't going to be blooming at all. Spring breakers came and had to deal with not only the temperatures, but the lack of beautiful spring time sights the area is known for. Baseball started, and judging by the fans in the stands you would think it was a football game in the middle of November. It was pretty disheartening to say the least. Even I had given up hope, and started counting down to the summer. It was either that or contemplate moving-which I admit I have done on more than one occasion.-that's right, it looked as if we wanted anything dealing with warm and sunshine we may as well start packing our bags and heading south.

And yet, yesterday as we were coming home from a great weekend in the hills of West Virginia, something started to shift. And what was that I saw??? The sun. It actually was peaking through. The jacket was soon shed and by the time we got home, it was actually hot-ok warm but we left WVA and it was barely 50-wouldn't you know, it look like spring finally decided to show up.

About time. But then again, this is DC and nothing gets done on time.-here's looking at you congress-

I woke this morning hoping that the good weather was not as fleeting as it has been in the past weeks. That it was not one of these here for a day, and gone for another week and a half. I had to sit and stare at my screen making sure I read the numbers right. 70s, 80s (wait, what???) and gorgeous sun for the majority of the week...

I danced around the bedroom and grabbed my allergy medicine. Which I am glad to take. Because this weather, well it makes me happy. Extremely, extremely happy.

Even if it will be in the 100s next week.

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