Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Its the perfect day.

If I could invent the perfect day. Today would be it.

Its the kind of day where you trade in your shoes for flop flops, where you roll down the car windows blast some music-in my case its Kenny Chesney-and head to your local 7-11 to grab the first Slurpee of the season.

Its exactly that kind of day.

Its the kind where you have to take a walk, even if you don't exactly have a destination in mind. Around the block, the office, anywhere really. Where you head leans towards the windows-because you are not lucky enough to have a cube anywhere near one-and long to be out. It is in fact to pretty of a day to be inside. You think now is the perfect time for someone to invent a extension cord long enough for outdoor use. Because laptops aren't exactly something the company is willing to spare at the moment. Working outside sounds fabulous right about now.

Yes its that kind of day.

The kind of one where everyone is smiling and happy, and they are not complaining about everything. They are enjoying this, after all it has been cold for so long,damp for so long. Skirts that have been in hiding are finally pulled out, pleasing most of the male population.  And ties tend to take a backseat during lunch.

Its the kind where you say screw you allergies, today I will not care that my eyes feel so heavy I could sleep for five hours. Or that my nose is about to run off my face.  And my throat feels like its going to catch fire. So what, today I am not going to let that bother me. Why?

Because its that kind of day. Truly it is.

The one where you think skipping an evening class would be brilliant. Except you have already used that card up and missing another would be not so advisable in the grand scheme of things. And lets face it, you only have five weeks left. And this weather will be around for quite some time.

Even if it is really really tempting.

Sure in a couple of months you may find yourself bitching about the heat, the humidity. OK in all honesty I will not lie. I love this kind of weather. I live for this kind of weather so you won't from me. But for many others this kind of day will soon get old and boring and they will start complaining about everything under the sun.Soon they will be wishing for the chilly weather to return.

But not today.

Because its the kind of day.

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