Friday, April 26, 2013

Five Question Friday: 4/26: Play

Happy Friday to one and all. I hope this week has seen you in a much better spirit than last week. I know it was rough for myself. Anyways. Another Friday has come, which means my Friday Five...This weeks theme: Play.

1. What was the last play you saw?

AIDA actually. My sister is a high school theater teacher, the put it on a couple of weekends ago. It was fantastic. So much talent, I am still amazed at the stuff she can pull off. And am incredibly proud.

2. What kind of experience have you had as a performer in plays?

I have been in a couple of shows in the basement of the house where my sisters and I used to put on, the most memoriable one being our wonderful reindetion of Fart Busters for my mother on Mother's day. And one or two in high school. I am not much of an actress though, it was fun. I  had a great time, but I prefer to write than act.

3. In general, what kinds of plays most turn you on?

I love musicals. Comes with being a little sister of someone who did musical theater her entire life. I was raised on musicals.

4. There are many movies* where the characters say, “Let’s put on a play,” often as a means for raising funds or bringing attention to some cause. If you and your friends decided to do that, what would be the play, who would be its star, and what role would you play in its production?

I always thought Newsies would have been an amazing show to put on, unfortunately Disney beat me to this, which I suppose I shouldn't be to mad at. They after all, did the movie. But as for a play? The Gamble-which was a book by LaVryle Spencer. Actors would be....Amy Adams and Ryan Gossling. And I would write the screenplay adaption.

5. If I handed you a lump of Play-Doh right now and asked you to sculpt me something, what would it be?

A flower. Or a bug. Because I am so unoriginial when it comes to that sort of thing.

May you all have a fabulous weekend!

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