Sunday, April 28, 2013

Playoff time.

 Hello Playoffs!

So somehow in the span of a weekend we went from playing against the Senators to playing against the Islanders to now, officially playing against the Rangers. 

The husband wasn't so thrilled as he wanted and was pushing for us to play Toronto. 

But we got the Rangers, and its Deja Vu all over again as it seems like when it comes to playoffs in the passed years, we are destined to go against them. 

I do not know how I truly feel as in the past there have been teams far better than us that we have beat-Boston. And teams that we were expected to beat that beat us-Tampa. 

So in reality once it gets to this point, when teams are fighting for survival and the cup is that much closer in hand. Well its anyways game. And playoff hockey is a totally different season than regular season hockey. 

Which means come Thursday when that puck drops, well a whole new season begins.
Lets Go Caps.

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