Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 Southeast Division Champs.

Opps they did it again.

The team that started off so crappy in the beginning of the season secured their place in the
2013 playoffs and won the Southeast Division. 

Let me say, I had my doubts this year, but winning the game, and the division makes me one very proud hockey fan,  CAPS fan. To know that this team came into the season with such high hopes, only to disappoint so many leaving most of us to scratch our heads and debate if we had made a lot of wrong choices prior to the lockout.

Well lookie, lookie. Looks like someone knew what they were doing after all. Sure it may have taken a lot longer than anyone really wanted it to.  And maybe things didn't fall the way we wanted to And for a moment, yeah I was ready for the entire season to just be done and over with. But it sure made it that much sweeter when it finally clicked. I mean the last few weeks, has been some good times, the win streak. The close nail biting games. The comebacks, the way Ovi has quieted the skeptics.The boys have played hard to get where they are. They deserve some credit for fighting back, playing some great hockey and not just willing to give it up as easy as us fans were.

Good times had by all. Well unless your a fan of the rival teams that is.

The only thing I have to complain about the day after is the fact that while they were closing out their clinch of the division I was sitting through class last night. Trying to pay attention to what was going on but really more concerned with the score than what the lecture was about. -for the record it was Violence in the workplace followed by Global Management.-see I was actually paying attention. I hated that I had to whip out my phone and try to cover it the best I could so the professor wouldn't exactly see. Thinking, damn you Caps, why has every freaking big game of the season come on Tuesdays. When you know I am in class and can't not only go to it, but have a hard time even following it.

You knew this.

And I hated how I had to come in this morning while people dropped by my desk to chat about the incredible game-I am only going by what they say-and look at me like I was the crazy one when I couldn't attend. When I told them about school, they told me I was crazy, I should have skipped. This was THE GAME OF THE SEASON..Somehow I don't think my professor would have seen it the same way but whatever... And half of these people cared less about the team a week ago.

Again Typical.

A week from now I am assuming they will go back to doubting we will make it far.

But for the moment, I will take the lead, and the Division championship and just be glad I will get to see hockey for that much longer in the DC area.

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