Friday, February 8, 2013

Five Question Friday-2/8: Cereal.

 Happy Friday to one and all. I hope my friends up north are hampering down and preparing for a major snow storm. Stay safe. As for me, its another edition of the Friday five. This weeks theme: Cereal.

1. What was your favorite breakfast cereal when you were a kid?

Frosted flakes most dif ranks up there. Though I also love Fruit Loops and Apple Jax..though if I was at my grandparents house, it was Kix. I loved me some Kix 

2. What’s your favorite breakfast cereal now?

Frosted Mini Wheats, though since my surgeries I can't eat much of them these days. And Frosted Flakes still rank up there pretty heavily.

3. Where does cereal rank on your list of favorite breakfasts?

To be honest, not high. I am allergic to milk, my mom used to pour orange juice instead of milk, so its a pretty sour taste as you can imagine. But on occassion and from time to time there is nothing like a good bowl of cereal. Or if your my younger sister. Two or three...or four. 

4. What serial novels or films have you most recently enjoyed?

The Luxe novels...its a teen series, but I am in love with them. Good easy reads...sometimes a girl just needs them.

5. What recently surreal experience have you gone through?

My fathers recent accident at work. Having that call, signing the papers as next to kin as my mother was still on the road. It was a very unreal and surreal moment...

And there you have it, may you have a fabulous fabulous weekend.

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