Saturday, February 9, 2013

A-O lets go.

If you are a fan of the Caps, you already know its been a tough season. First there was the whole lockout thing league wide. For awhile there, I don't think any of us had much hope that there would ever be hockey in the states again. I know I for one had this fear.

But finally after months of waiting, word came that the lockout was over. Hockey would be played, and soon the season would get under way. There however would be no preseason, no all star game and no real warm up like usual.

I didn't really mind the whole no all-star. But the lack of preseason for me was just a little weird.

But thats ok, I mean we were the Caps, things would be ok.

Except, here we are almost a month into the beginning of the season, and well. How the mighty fall. For the first time in years we are not the team we once were. In fact we sort of, suck. And I say this as a fan. But I mean come on, we have one a total of 2. That's it. We are last place in just about everything. I keep telling myself things will get better, that this can't go on forever. Sure we have a new coach, a new system but things will click soon enough and we will be that sort of team once again.  And every game...I sit thinking please please turn this around.

Ah yes, its been that kind of season for the fans. I have often wondered if they even know the season is back on. I sit thinking, well maybe it would be better had the lockout actually continued. Because yeah this past month has not been fun. Not as a fan. Not as a wife of someone in the organization. Not as a mom whose son thinks the guys walk on water and can't understand why everyone is so pissed off at the team. (For the record in four years he will get it) In fact its been pretty miserable. I do not want to write another letter to them. I did this the past couple years. I don't think it really worked.

I have no answer to what is going on. I don't know if its upper management, mental or on the ice. I have no clue. Surely there is only room for improvement, as we speak we just shut out the Panthers. And even if they are just the Panthers...we won 5-0.

And surely this has got to be the start of something.

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