Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A player in the making.

7th heaven fun....
It began this weekend.

Little man's journey to becoming the next big hockey player.OK maybe not technically.  For the past couple years, or rather his entire life he has been talking about hockey. No surprise considering his mom and dad's love of the sport. But I wasn't going to push it on him. I vow not to be one of those parents who just because we like the sport means he has to play it. I would pretty much be just as happy if he choose football or baseball. I would support him in the end. And if he didn't want to play a sport. Well this is ok as well. I get the fact some kids just aren't into it.

But as luck would have it, he has fallen in love with the sport just as much as mom and dad. And so he has talked and talked and talked about it. This of course only makes daddy happy even more. Like father like son-though lets hope Logan will actually be able to turn right.-fingers crossed.

We enrolled him in a basic hockey class at a local community center during the winter. It is not on ice, but rather on the floor. Just to get the basics. Shooting, scoring. Interaction sort of thing. It wasn't much but we figured it was a start. After all I know how expensive the sport it, and I wanted to make sure there was still an interest in it.So far he seems to be enjoying it, and the teachers say he has nice control of the stick and coordination. Plus, plus...

Yet we hadn't taken him ice skating. I don't know why really. I am no skater myself, and Andy just hadn't thought about it. But this weekend, it was time. After all, the next round of skating lessons-and eventually hockey sessions/lessons-will be starting before we know it. So why not. And since he seemed interested in the class still....

Getting him on the ice was the next step.

We found ourselves at a local ice rink where little man got on the ice for the first time. It was rough, but he loved it. I half skated half held on to the wall as I watched his little face lit up going around the ice with the assistance of daddy. It took awhile, only going around twice in an hour but I kind of got the impression it didn't matter.

Of course once we got out there I thought of things like, he should be wearing a helmet. And gloves, better skates I looked around at all the other parents who had thought of this and felt even worse but again, this really didn't matter in the end. The kid was in heaven. Things for next time I decide, knowing without a doubt that there will be a next time.

And he will soon be on his way.

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