Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where o where.

Remember back in the summer, when I mentioned how swamped I was? How all I wanted was the long lazy days of summer? Except I was nothing but busy.

Well some things don't change.

Here we are, the last weekend of October is fast approaching and I find I have not slowed down at all. And where has it gone?

In school, in a wedding and a baby shower. Both were great in their own ways. I need to update and blog about them.

And one on Logan.

I keep meaning to. But between work, school and trying to keep up with a son who is becoming more of a full boy every day is exhausting enough. I will not even mention my commute, which lately has been hoovering around three hours on any given day for really no apparent reason.

The days are getting shorter, which means my time often slips right by me without a blink. And that post I had every intention on writing gets pushed off for another day, another weekend.  And suddenly I am staring at the holidays right around the corner. And I promise myself, and to my small community of readers that I will do better. Try harder. Write more.

Starting tomorrow....

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