Sunday, October 28, 2012


A week before election and the biggest news story is not on the candidates and where they may or may not be going, but rather a female storm named Sandy. She rolls into town in a little less than twenty four hours supposedly, bypassing your typical hurricane destination of Florida and hitting the DC/NJ/NY area.


And despite the numerous amount of warnings we have received since Thursday, Anderson and I have seemed to be the only ones to ignore it...meaning we are totally not prepared. OK, so Andy God Bless him, has gone and decided now is a good time to go get something. Just in case. But still I am feeling very uneasy this evening as I watch the news on yet another update. Its coming. Its going to be bad, and we may or may not have power come Wednesday. This explains why he is currently out.

Pretty sure the Floridians are laughing at us right about now.
But, if they got a freak snow storm, I am sure they would be doing the same. Even if it was only a millimeter amount.

We have gone over senerios and what ifs. Losing power, the work situation. As of right now, neither Andy nor I have had work give us the we are closed signal. And neither of us expect it to come either. We have little man to think about. And everything else. I have school, its cancelled for Monday, Tuesday is still up in the air. Since I have an exam on Tuesday, a part of me really wants it closed. But not holding my breath. And until the storm actually does hit, I suppose these what ifs are truly just that, what ifs....

Until further notice.


Jessica @ Living La Vida Holoka said...

Stay safe, you guys.

Aleisha said...

You as well. Hope you are managing, I have thought a lot about you today.