Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Five-Wallflower

Happy Friday to one and all! Autumn is dif. in the air these days. I love the changing of the season, even if I am not that fond of the cold. Anyways time for another week of Friday Five: This weeks them is Wallflowers. Enjoy.

1. What do you remember about high-school dances?

I was never one to actually have dates lined up. I do however remember three guys who made those awakward moments at least bareable. 1. Eric, a year older who in the final school dance actually requested a song specifically so I could dance with him. He said he notice how I sat there and watched everyone else the entire time and thought I needed to be danced with. 2. Edison, who worked with my mom at the local Wal-Mart. He took me to my sophomore homecoming and had a huge crush on me. He didn't know much English. I didn't know much Spanish. It was a strange night, especially when the fire alarm went off. 3. David, my cousins best friend-who I asked last minute to my senior prom. English, with a brilliant accent. I was made fun of and was asked to the prom by a guy later I found was a joke that everyone was in on. Still he stepped up to the plate and said he would be honored to go. Having him on my arm that night felt pretty damn good, especially when the classmates got a look at him.. And he was hot, as in he won homecoming king at a rival high school. But he took me to mine, and was honored. His father was a member of parliament across the pond. For a moment, I thought I was fitting of Queen.

2. At whose house would you and your friends usually gather after school-related activities?

Ah, I had this friend, actually have since we still see each other to this day. We were pretty inseperateable back then. It was either her house or mine....I don't think we really cared what we did. Movies, boys. , run through rain puddles after school is Megan...yep those were the good old days.

3. Who in your school had a memorable nickname?

I don't remember, I wasn't friends with people in that sense. I know my nick name was smilie, since every time they saw me I was smiling, strange since I was bullied. But I am not sure that or this qualifies as a memorable nickname. 

4. What was your high-school cafeteria like?

Very Clickish. Loud, overcrowded and always a disorganized mess of kids.....if you didn't go where you weren't supposed to, and kept your eyes to yourself. You were fine.

5. Your parents aren’t reading this, so what were some of the crazy (or just memorable) things you or your friends did while driving?

By now I am sure you know I was not one to get myself in trouble, so for the most part it was all clean fun. But the times I do remember were of a friend or two-Megan and Wendy specifically.- Because they did drive, and had cars. We would go out, driving and just roll our window down and blare annoying pop music that we knew people hated but we didn't care because it was fun, and it was cheesy. And we were having the time of our lives jamming to Barbie Girl, and Quit Playing Games with my heart, and MMMbop And how we absolutely couldn't wait to grow up...and now looking back, those were some of the best times...

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