Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Five-Favorites 10/5

Happy Friday ya'll. For most, its the beginning of a long weekend. Unless you are like myself who's company doesn't recognize it as such and then, well happy weekend....So this weeks Friday Five is favorites...

1. Where is your favorite tree?

There is this tree on the battlefields of Manassas, that I love. Especially after I was able to capture it with some great pics last fall. I think I love it more in the fall, when there aren't any leaves on it. Just seems kind of strangely eerie. Which seems sort of fitting considering its where it is.

2. Where is your favorite chair?

In our living room, its the rocker that was what I used for little man when he was born. To this day it remains one of the places he likes to cuddle with me...the husband wants to get rid of it. I have yet to allow it. Nor can I...

3. Who has your favorite hair?

I was actually watching Glee last night and fell in love with Lea Michelle's-who plays Rachel Berry-hair. I don't know. It just looked amazing. I had hair jealousy going on there.

4. What’s your favorite mug (or other drinking vessel) like?

Would it surprise you to know it is a Disney mug? More specifically it is a Beauty and the Beast mug that I have had for awhile now. The inner kid in me loves drinking hot chocolate out of it.

5.Where’s your favorite parking spot (not at home)?

Probably the schools parking lot, yes it for some reason is one I park there all the time, same spot as long as it is open.....

Well there you have it. My Friday Five...kind of strange...but its all good. Have a fabulous weekend my friends.

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