Sunday, October 7, 2012

Today I don't feel like doing anything.

Its been one of those weekends. The kind that doesn't happen very often no matter how hard we try otherwise. The kind where you throw the car keys on the table and ignore them, leaving them there until Monday.

Yes that's right. We have not done a whole lot of anything.

Well for the most part.

In an executive decision we made earlier this week, Anderson and I decided that instead of doing our usual running around, hopping from one place to the next in order to avoid doing housework, we would in fact take one day of the weekend and stay home. This would also surely cut back on some expenses. While we are doing OK financially, there are at times, -like anybody right now-when that OK, doesn't feel OK enough. And so the savings would be welcomed.

Not to mention, the whole time just to enjoy as a family...

We have had this plan in place before, but it has always been shattered. Something comes up, we decide we need something or we just get bored. And if I am going to be honest, the housework is never really exciting, so we would always welcome an excuse not to do it. But for some reason this time, we were determined to actually make it work. To actually do something about a lazy weekend.

Even if it was just one of the two days.

So why this weekend?

Anderson and I already had a date night planned, with a babysitter and all. Meaning the house would have to get cleaned, not straightened or ignored but cleaned. And it was supposed to get cold and nasty. If you asked us, there were two good reasons right there.

Wouldn't you know. It worked. We cleaned yesterday after our one day lunch outing we said we would.  And the house looks amazing. We even got little man to get involved, as we speak he is up there cleaning before he goes to bed.  And when we came home last night,  our Starbucks drinks in hand, I must admit it felt incredible to come home to a clean living room knowing I could watch TV without looking around in disgust. 

And when we woke up this morning, instead of doing or usual hole in the wall for the second time in the weekend we were true to our word and stayed home. All day. Except for the bit we went to my parents to help set up a new laptop. Other than that, we have done absolutely nothing.

Except be...

Extremely lazy.

Maybe our wallets will thank us. That is, as long as this isn't just a one weekend sort of thing.

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