Thursday, October 4, 2012

A watched pot....

They say a watched pot never boils. They can say the same for a phone. Though I suppose it would ring instead of boil.

And it seems as though for the past couple of hours, sitting there waiting for that phone to ring is all I have been doing.

Pretty sure by now you have at least some idea of the thing that I have been trying to elude to in previous posts.

Or maybe not.

I am so close to it, so close. And I want this. I WANT THIS. And now its officially out of my hands. Its the whole waiting game, the hardest game ever played. I keep reminding myself it hasn't been that long. That I need to be patient and something will come, they will call. Things like this, they take time.  I should know, after all I worked in HR...still from this end of things? Well its not as easy. I try to avoid the whole glancing down, checking every half hour. I do things to avoid the whole thinking and over thinking of it. I try to go with it.

And I try to half patience.

But of course the moment I get an email or a hint of a phone call. I flip out. I get excited. And try not to be disappointed when its someone else. A telemarketer.

And I try to put the phone away, get up and do something else.

Because while  a watched phone never rings, perhaps leaving it completely just may.

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