Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Election 2012

Its hard to believe we are a month away from election. Wasn't it just yesterday I was sitting here trying to figure out who to vote for in 08'? And now here it is four years later.

I am neither Republican, nor Democrat. I do not swing far to one side nor the other. There are some things I side with the red, some I side with the blue. In fact I have always claimed myself to be an Independent for this very reason.

Whatever that means.

Here I sit, on a Wednesday evening. My husband is on the phone with my father in law, my son is asleep. And I am sitting here trying to pay attention to these debates as if I actually understand half of what they are saying. For the record, yes I understand I just find a lot of the topics to be so jumbled that its hard to believe either one of them. I used to think that half of what they discussed had little to even do with me. But I know as I get older, that it in fact does have something to do with and I should care. Even if there is a part of me that says, no matter what they say in the end, what they say and what they do in the office usually is two different things completely.

I am trying to understand. To better educate and all. Even if I am pretty sure I already know whom I am going to vote for. Still I want to try and at least get the other candidate to try and sway me, at this point I doubt it. But hey I am willing to listen.

Because those ads, well they aren't helping to much. In fact I am pretty sure they are driving me more away than anything.  Not sure how it is in the rest of the country, but here in the DC area, working in the DC area, yea its 24/7 around here. And there gets to a point when I start tuning certain things, out. 

Really I am just looking forward to the whole thing being over with.

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