Thursday, September 20, 2012

We built this city.

DC. Traffic.

Say the two words together and you would find it equals nightmare. And the nightmare has become for me a daily routine.

You know it used to not be so bad. Of course I was at the time taking metro to get down to Anderson in Ballston cutting a good chunk of the travel time in half. But then he was moved to the heart of DC, working at the Verizon Center and suddenly we found ourselves both commuting from the city.

Add to that, he is now getting out fifteen to a half an hour later than he was back at the old office. The result folks is not a pretty one. The result is us getting home at 7 something, and even later if we pick my son up from my parents house a good twenty minutes-sans traffic-away.  Maybe this does not seem to horrible. But when you take in the fact we live just about 20 miles away from the office, and we leave the office at 5:30, well when you hit the door at near 8 like today.....well...

I know there is an easy solution, as some would suggest, we could sell the house and move closer to the city. But neither of us want to do that. Find another job, which would be great but not so easy during this time when everyone else is looking for positions, or are in the same situations.

Which means, we are simply stuck. With no other option than to suck it up and deal with it. But as the commute gets increasingly longer, my evenings becoming shorter in more ways than one. Logan doesn't get that time, Andy and I don't get that time. As it is, I wonder if he knows who I m half the time as we barely see him.

Still something has to give.
Because while my commute is getting longer, my patience is getting shorter.

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