Friday, September 21, 2012

8 years.

I was so consumed with my three hour commute home yesterday that I some how missed the fact it was my eight year anniversary with the company.

8 years.

In the eyes of my father and father in law-who has been with the same company for longer. This may seem like a short fleet. I mean hey they have been in double digits for years now. But in this age, where most in my generation bounce around, well this is huge. 

Especially considering its only two years longer than my own marriage.

Maybe I should celebrate this fleet. Throw around some confetti and do my Friday dance even better.  But for some reason celebrating doesn't seem right. Its not that I don't exactly want to. But its just. Things are a bit weird. Around me cutbacks are happening, first in the disappearance of the water cooler, then our healthcare options changed. And so I wonder if celebrating this is even something I should celebrate.

I won't even mention the stress of things.

Supporting several different groups. Pulling as a backup receptionist. And often not having enough time in the day to think about what I am doing. I think about how things where when I first started and wonder just how far I have actually come. 
And how much farther I will go.

Should I make it to another 8.

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