Monday, September 17, 2012

Lockout and layouts.

Usually by this point in the year things are starting to get hectic around the house. Usually by now we are discussing schedules  and trying to figure out how to work around the hockey season. By now my jersey is pulled out of the closet, hoodies are proudly worn, suits are dusted off and pre season is underway.

And I am a week away from being a hockey widow.

But not this year.

For as of this past weekend the NHL has gone in a lockout. Jeopardizing the entire season all together  and breaking fans hearts until further notice. Including my very unhappy husband. After all this is his job, his team and its sort of hard to do when there is no season.Sure he has things to do. To prepare to be able to start things back up on the drop of a hat whenever they do decide on an agreement. Whether its tomorrow or Thanksgiving or February even. He still has basketball to look forward to. OK so maybe look forward to is not exactly the correct term here as he is not a basketball fan by any means. But yes he does have things to do. It just may not be in the form of the busy packed schedule we are used to about this time.

But I will not lie for I have heard him as much as he loves the season he doesn't mind the fact he gets a couple of extra weeks with his son, and yours truly. And I honestly don't think he misses those suits as much as he would like us to believe. Nor does he miss those 1 in the morning drives home.

He of course has his own opinions of the matter. Siding with the players and still believes that the season will still go on, just with a minor delay. As little man in the background chants Ovi! Ovi! Ovi! and informs me once more for the fifth time in a row that football is boring, I can only hope him to be right. As much as I love hearing my husband talk about his excitement over the baseball playoffs, I must admit its a bit foreign to me.

And ok, so coming from this hockey fan myself...I miss hockey. I have resorted to watching football walking away because I can't stand the fact they stop every thirty seconds for a tv timeout...Seriously.

Since I am out it I figured I would give Anderson a shout out for creating this lovely new layout for the blog. After a summer of hearing his wife ask he finally caved.

Thank you...

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Jessica H. | Confessions of a Former Undomestic Goddess said...

I'm with you. I have anxiously awaited hockey season. It can't come back soon enough.

Also, your layout is adorable! :)