Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Five- September 14: Strong

 Perhaps its just me, but these weeks are flying right on by. Here we are at another Friday Five....this weeks them seems quite fitting since it has been a tough week in general in the household. Theme of the week is strong

1. Who is physically the strongest person you know?

Gonna say my sister on this one, because yeah she is pretty tough and is physically strong-as well as mentally-.

2. What unpleasantly strong aroma have you recently experienced?

Just this morning someone in the office decided to bath themselves in what had to be the worst smelling cologne/perfume. Yes it was that bad that I did not know whether it was generated for a female or a male....seriously some people should know better by now.

3. Many over-the-counter medications come in “extra strength” varieties. What’s something in your life that doesn’t but should?

Baby wipes. I don't use them as much now that my son is three and a half and past the potty training stage. But believe me they come in handy for a whole lot of other things. I just wish they had the ability to suck of the fumes and hold during certain circumstances. 

4. When times are rough, what’s most effective at boosting your inner strength?

Music. Pretty sure it can cure just about anything. But in all seriousness if I am ever in one of those moods. All I need to do is pop in some awesome tunes and am feeling back to my old self in a short while.

5. What’s your favorite song whose title or lyrics contains the word strong?

Stronger by Britney Spears. No explanation except I happen to enjoy it.

And that was this weeks edition of the Friday Five. May you have a fabulous Friday and a better weekend.

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