Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bussssyyyyy Beeeee

The book pretty much describes my life at the moment. With school staring back up last week, my sisters wedding this past weekend and work, my life seems to be the epitome of busy.  Which is probably the main reason why my blog has been suffering as of late.

Believe me this does not please me as a writer I crave and long for the creativity and the time to sit down and write. And before the decided to have me support three groups, time was pretty much readily available. Now however as I support two main groups and pull the reception backup, that time I once had seems to be at times little to none.

I hate it.

Not so much the work because I do not mind to be busy at work. In fact I prefer it. But sometimes I long for the time I once had to think about things. To take it at my own pace rather than cramming every minute with something. Often leaving things to do for another day. 

I do hope to get back into writing and all. But once again I ask that you bare with me as I try to get things in order....

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