Thursday, August 9, 2012

Will he or won't he?

For the better part of the past two weeks the office water cooler has been humming about the Olympics. For good reason of course. And while Michael Phelps's participation may have come to an end last weekend, the talk surrounding him here has not.

The most common debate. Will he or won't he? Retire, not try for Rio in four years, call it quits. It seems a pretty even split some believing that yes he truly is done. While others doubt him, saying the love for the sport and his seeming to be competitive nature will have him not only missing it, but determined to return. After all in four years he will only be 31. And they are willing to put money down there will be another incentive. Ryan Lochte. And as long as he is going to attempt to defeat Phelps, Phelps in return will answer.

It seems as though most analyst agree.

But here is the thing. If he continues, and goes on to Rio what then? Lets say he makes it through trials but doesn't live up to the expectations he has had of the past two games? I can only imagine the headlines, the discussions then of him being the athlete that has peaked and will never be as good as he once was. At that point people will question his motives in coming, saying how he should have stepped aside for the sake of a new swimmer.

Yes I get the wanting to be on top for as long as possible, but really wouldn't it be better for him to go out while he still is on top? And shouldn't we just be happy for him and his twenty-two medals. After all I am pretty sure its a record that is going to be hard to break. At least for a good long while anyhow.

I for one would rather him end on top than to be like so many athletes, Favre comes to mind. Who were so wonderful in their day, their peak and yet they refused to say enough when they should have. And so what happens? They turn into the laughing stock of the league. Of the nation.

They get hurt, they quit. They resign. In hopes for that fame they once had....when really they should have said enough was enough when they had a chance.

They should have gone out as champions.

I am not saying I want Phelps to really quit, because I admit it would be hard. I loved watching him perform at his best. But at the same time, maybe I don't..

Maybe there is something to be said as going out on top.

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