Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Question Friday-Miscatagorized.

After a couple weeks of not being in town, I am once again returning to my old ways. Which means, bringing my Friday Five back as well. So here it is, this weeks theme: MisCategorized.

1. What public behavior is not a crime but should be?

Wearing baggy pants below your junk. I am sorry I do not need to see it. And while this may seem unfair to men. I will add there are a lot of females that let everything hang out in certain clothing. Yeah I would rule those out as well. And I know you know exactly what I am talking about here.

2.What food item doesn’t have a recommended daily allowance but should?

Tough call here, since as I am racking my brain. I suppose junk food. I mean hey sometimes you just want a good oreo cookie and you don't care about the rest...nor should you.

3. What’s not a word but should be?


Because, it is that fantastic of a word. Thank you Sue Sylvester...

What day of the year is not a holiday but should be? (Yes: I’ve used this question before, but I never get tired of it!)

The day after 4th of July, or rather July 5th. Because everyone is celebrating the 4th, and I have always thought it ridiculous that we have to come back in, after all most of the celebrating happens after nightfall...

What behavior is not generally a professional expectation but should be?

I moved cubes recently and am sitting by quite a lot of managers. Which is fine, until they all have conference calls going at the same time. And none of them close their doors...I would like to think out of respect for everyone, please close your doors during conference calls on loud speakers...please.

And there you have it folks. Have a fantabulous weekend!

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