Saturday, August 11, 2012

No matter the color.

Sometimes I marvel at just how much one piece of medal can bring so much happiness to some. And yet is not enough for others.

As I have been doing so for the past two weeks now I sat in my living room watching as another athlete stepped on the podium, took a hold of the flowers they were handed and bent down to receive their medal.

Their look on their face was almost a spitting image of Maroney's reaction to winning silver. I wondered when taking home such was considered a failure. Is it the pressure? Is it their country and the emphasis that nothing is acceptable besides a gold? Is it their own self who sees such a thing as not winning but being the last loser? Not the winner? I don't know but for whatever reason these athletes feel the need to stand up and give a sour face. They look disappointed. Sure I get it, you train every day you fight every day. This is your dream. And in a matter of seconds, you fall or your hand isn't the fastest to touch the pool. And your dream of that gold is now a dream of silver.

But at the same time, its freaking silver people? I for one thought Maroney's chances of even getting on the podium fell off the waste side the moment she fell. Shouldn't she knowing this be happy with this silver instead of looking like she is so un-thrilled?

Yes, solver can be so disappointing

And yet...

There are so many who don't even expect to medal at all that when they do, it is not the look of disappoint but the one of pure joy. The happiness no matter what color seems to be so thrilling to them. This is the one I expect from top athletes.  After all, its not every day that someone will be an Olympian. Call themselves a winner. You are among the top of the top. Whether its first, second or third place. You are at your best.

With the games coming to an end tomorrow I just have one simple advice and request from those still competing. Be proud of yourself, of your achievements and your accomplishments. For you are among the few that have done what you are doing. Stand up there, not in tears of what could have been. But for what you have done.

And smile.
It is far better to be remembered as the silver medalist than the girl that pitched a fit on the podium.

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