Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Brothers of the Sun.

Well its official. Summer has just about come to an end. Sure labor day has yet to hit. But for me, it is all about over. And how do I know this? Kenny Chesney has come and gone. And as always and a must for me, I spent my Sunday amongst thousands at FedEx field hoping just maybe to make the summer last that much longer..  This year's tour included however Tim McGraw as part of the Brothers of the Sun tour. And like so many years in the past this years show did not disappoint. On stage, the performances were exciting. Tim's songs seemed to only add to Kenny's already incredible set. Though I have to say as a fan of Kenny's I tend to prefer his set more. This is just me though.

But what I want to touch upon this year is not the entertainment on stage. Because for the most part-and if you are someone who has repeatedly gone to his shows you know-Kenny's shows don't change much from year to year. The songs may vary slightly but the shows for the most part stay the same. So we will not talk about this. Rather I will talk about the entertainment off the field. Because sometimes this may be just as entertaining and thought pondering enough as the show on stage itself.

This years crowd brought out the drunk in people.

In fact it is perhaps the most amount of drunks I have ever seen at a Kenny concert. I know, it has become almost a sort of expectations that when you go to a Kenny show, you drink. Sort of the same thing as Buffet, but usually I have been able to go and not feel as though I am the only one not drunk. But this year, I felt. Just that. The only non drunk.  I don't mind people drinking, truly I don't. Its not something I enjoy but whatever. What I do mind is the fact that people get so drunk, and there are so many of them that it becomes sort of a distraction and makes the show a little less distracting. I don't enjoy getting puked on by the guy behind me and then after he goes for more beer. Because apparently that is exactly what he needs more of. Or the guy in front of us that is so drunk he pretty much starts disrespecting his fiance and getting totally in her face to the point you feel sorry for her. I expected him to start punching her. Thankfully he passed out before he did so. 

Granted there were the drunk fights, the hauling away in handcuffs because of something one drunk guy said to another. Again to be expected. But I don't enjoy watching a guy completely lose everything for twenty minutes and when they finally take him away on the stretcher he is wearing a barf bag. I begin to wonder how anyone can truly enjoy themselves if they are that gone. I did not spend that kind of money to get thrown out, that plastered and that embarrassed myself.

Some songs say it all....

As Tim's Live like you were dying came on the guy in front of us grabbed his wife and started slowing dancing. His friend beside us followed suit.  Then out of the blue, they broke down and cried. Three grown men, all ex military. And they cried. I sat watching and for some reason I was just really touched. So much so that I began to cry.  I mean the song is pretty, but for some reason, it just got to me. After we found out the men had just lost their father. Totally made since.

Twenty minutes later one of them was taken off in handcuffs after getting in a fight...

And some outfits are better left at home.

Yes cowboy boots are great, and hey this is after all a country concert. And bikinis are perfect for the summer. So are cut offs, tank tops and sundresses. But sometimes these things don't mix. And while I give mad props to people that try to pull it off, wearing shorts that are five times to small and shirts that expose a little to much, I would rather not see. No I am not saying that you can't wear these things. But wearing something that actually fits and is your size, goes a long way. And believe me, makes you look a hell of a lot more attractive. No matter what sex you are. I know there were guys out there that could have been schooled in some fashion 101.

Yes, I have learned a lot this year from the show. At times I was annoyed-again the whole puking on thing just wasn't enjoyable.-at times I was amused-like the woman behind me giving me the bedroom look and telling me she would do anything right now-and at times I was touched-as already explained.

But you better believe I will be right back in those stands again next year.

After all, its Kenny. How could I not?

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