Monday, August 20, 2012

From zero to150

A few weeks ago I sat behind my cube counting down to vacation. I stared at the minor things I had to do on my desk. None of which looking back now seemed all to import. They were your average day to day routine sort of stuff. Supplies. Setting up for a meeting. Retyping a memo from someone. A report here and there.

I knew in a lot of ways it was relatively easy. And to be honest. The work did not did not meet the full eight hours in a day. Let alone a full week.  And so I was loaned out to other departments, I made binders and sat for both the executive assistant and the receptionist. Because of cutbacks apparently.

Of course I didn't mind. I mean its a job, it did the job. And I was willing.

And then the boss came to me and told me that I would go from supporting the one group, to supporting two groups. Along with the reception and the EA. And all of sudden I went from zero to full speed ahead in regards to work. To the point of exhaustion. While I don't mind being busy, at times I feel like there does get a point where you are in fact to busy. If I am not pulled in one direction, I am pulled in another.

Today I barely had time to pee.

I will say, this supporting two groups has made me a better admin. I feel I have already become more organized, push harder and more willing to pay attention. So perhaps this whole supporting two groups does have its benefits 

Even if does exhaust me.

Now I know I am not going to be covering the reception desk forever as one of the receptionist is out on vacation til Wednesday. But I am going to be covering both the two groups projects for the rest of the time being.  And somehow I must learn to manage this full speed ahead ordeal before it drives me insane.

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