Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One tequlia two tequila, floor...

Hillary on the way to the game.
Sometimes the outcome of the game doesn't matter. Sometimes that is not whats important.

Case in point Last night

Its a rare occasion when my sister, her boyfriend, my mom and myself-and my aunt who happened to be there as well-all end up at a game together. And yet last night we all somehow or another found ourselves all heading down to the game.

I will spare you with the agony of the game, because lets face it, if you are a Caps fan, the game was not one to be remembered. In fact its one I would rather soon forget. One of those games that just seems to drag on and on. And I watched the final few seconds of the game I just about dreaded that ride home. I was sure I would have to hear my sisters boyfriend complain about this and that, my mom would insist on turning on the radio and listen to the commentator, something I shun away from at all costs. And I didn't know what to expect out of my sister to be honest. And lets not even get into the whole what would my husband think thoughts running through my head. Because lord knows it wasn't going to be pretty that was for sure.

So there we were, four disappointed Caps fans sitting among even more disappointed Caps fans. But every sad disappointed act, must have its counter comedy act. And so does this one. For amongst the disappointed rose a very drunk sister who decided for everyone's best interest, it was time to liven things up. And liven things up she did.

To be honest, it started with my mom who proceeded to get the show on the road the moment we pulled out of the parking lot. Dressed in Caps gear, she rolled her window down, and yelled. 'Way to go Sabres (to which I wondered when she switched allegiances to) and then told them to not get to comfy. When the group beside us looked at us, she said. 'Hey its not over til the fat lady sings, and I am the fat lady.' 

Now I knew my sister had been drinking, but I would soon learn that no, she wasn't or hadn't just a drink, she was actually kind of drunk, and decided this was the best time to get into this whole window yelling thing. And so as we made our way through the DC streets and for the next fifteen minutes my sister, in her drunken state of mind decided to become, lets say friendly with the DC natives.

And while I can not, and will not post every thing she blurted out that window, I will however post just a few. And because this is a post and in the effort to not offend anyone, I will try to post some of the tamer ones.

'Hey, you. Do you want a hot dog?? Yeah you I am talking to you.'

'Stick and land boys, stick and land'

'Oh look its the White house security...hello there, that guy back there can give you a hot dog.'

'Oh look its the cops, act white people....time to act white.'

'What this neighborhood?? Dude I am white, its not like anyone's going to shoot me. Besides no one gets shot on this street.'

'Looking good in your suits, looking good.'

'Hey white girl, yeah I called you white.'

I realize my sister was enjoying herself, and she was quite plastered. Even if I was praying at this point to make it out of DC alive. Because yes, I was pretty sure someone was going to be following us, and beat the living day lights out of us. Any minute.

No one did of course, and we managed to get out of DC with all four of us still intact.

We of course were still disappointed. But by the time we hit the VA state line, I am pretty sure at least one of us could have cared a whole lot less. And all of us admitted how much of a great time it was, though we didn't know what was more entertaining, the game or my drunk sister.

And maybe, at times that's all that matters.

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