Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On pens and needles.

Game day. Almost the final one of the season.

And I am nervous.

I have this uneasy feeling at the bottom of my stomach. As though this game determines our fate in regards to the rest of the season. As if whomever wins tonight will claim that final spot in the playoffs.

And it comes down to this, either them or us. Dear lord I hope its us.

Its funny if you asked me in the beginning of the season if I thought we would be fighting for the last spot in the playoffs I would have laughed you right into the water. After all, we were the team that started 7-0, we were predicted to take the Cup. There was no way in hell we would blow it this year.

Funny how things change isn't it?

Just about six months later and we are barely in the playoffs, with the possibility of not making it entirely. How the hell did this happen? Granted its not the last game of the season, and there are still a couple of points to pick up, not its not the end all to be all. But the way things are going, it may as well be. After all, the Sabres-who are tonight's opponents- are tied with us. We win we get the two points, they win they do. And with those two points they find themselves in that 8th spot solid. A commentator went on to say whomever wins this game will more in likely be the team to go onto the playoffs. The other will probably be playing golf in two weeks time.

I am still unsure if I agree with him or not. But I will admit that, yes a lot is riding on this game.

I would like to say I am totally confident that we will win tonight. But this would be a lie. My nerves are getting the better of me this afternoon and I wonder if I will truly make it through the entire game without hiding inside the comforts of my hoodie.  Because its safe in there, because if I hide in there, then maybe I won't have to watch the painful seconds slip by.

I just want a good game. I tell myself I would be happy with a good game. But I know this won't do. we don't need just a good game. We need a great game. A win, just squeaking by won't do anymore. A tie won't do anymore. What we need, are those two points. We need Ovi on fire, we need Holtby to be amazing...and we need the team to actually show up and play as though they want this, as though...

Their season depended on it.


eslachtdermai said...

I need to refrain from commenting on this blog entry...lol.
Still love you though!

Aleisha said...

LOL Funny I thought of you during the game. You guys beat us up pretty good last night.