Friday, March 2, 2012

Five Question Friday-Growing Up

Happy Friday to one and all! Once again its that magical time of the week, were I get to bore you-or not so perhaps-with five questions...this weeks theme: Growing up.

How many schools (up until college) have you attended, in all?
I attended four different elementary schools, a junior high and a high school. Which would bring the total to 6... I switched elementary schools so many times due to the fact that back then, only certain schools had Special Ed programs, or disability classes so I had to go where they were being offered. By the time they got to JR high and high school, they realized I was actually capable of learning in a normal environment-gee who would have thunk?- and then there was the whole inclusion and mainstreaming push back then. So I didn't have to worry about it by then.

How many states have you lived in before the age of 18? How many countries?

Kind of boring here, I have lived in one state, and one country my entire life. I fact I still live in the same suburb of DC that I grew up in. My childhood home is just around the corner.

Have you ever seen the hospital where you were born -- where is it/what's it's name?

But of course. My son was born in the same hospital I was.  Fairfax Hospital..In Fairfax County VA.

Do you plan to live in the same state in which you were born, or somewhere else?

Pretty sure I just answered this above, but yes obviously I do. I actually really enjoy the fact that I am from the area, and I love the little 'town' that I live in. And so does my husband apparently who agreed to move out to my neck of the woods shortly after we got engaged.

Do you still talk to people from elementary school, middle-school or high school?

Yes. I sure do. Thank you Facebook. Not only do I still talk to them but on occassion I still get together with them as well...

And now, you know the rest of the story.
Have a fabulous weekend!

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