Thursday, February 2, 2012

To Logan on his 3rd birthday

 Lil Man-

Its hard to believe that little thing to the left is 3 today. Hard to believe that baby, who slept for so long those first few days is now the energetic ball of endless energy that I am currently staring at. I look at this picture and I think of that day, which in so many ways seems as though it was years ago, and yet just yesterday at the same time. How is this even possible? I look at this precious bundle of joy and think ahout all the things that were told to me those days in the hospital. Enjoy the moments, the years will fly by, he won't be little long; take each day and cherish it as if it was the most precious of gifts. At the time I am pretty sure I was already in 7th heaven to realize just how much they were right.

 You see, the days, the years they are flying right on by. Gone is the bottles, and the midnight feedings. Even the diaper changes are fastly becomming a thing of the past. In its place is potty training, which some days are better than others. And feeding yourself, your dad may think its strange that you must eat everything with a fork but your mom totally gets. The crib was taken down this past fall and the big boy twin sized bed blanketed with Cars instead of baby animals is just another reminder that my precious baby, is no longer.

A baby.

I realize you haven't exactly been a baby for awhile now. You no longer like those baby things that we did together, patty cake, and peek a boo. Instead you like Batman, and Spiderman and Star Wars. You play hard, have a distinct love for anything fascinating, the ocean and dinosaurs.

And hockey.

Yes hockey. Ovi. Backstrom, Green, Knuble and Laich. To any random person they may think these are your everyday, run of the mill best friends instead of famous hockey players. And you amaze me with how much it has become a part of your life. Despite my attempt to introduce you to new sports, it seems as though you just as your daddy, and now your mommy eat breathe and sleep hockey. I am pretty sure my parents-your grandparents-never in their wildest dreams would know a team besides the Redskins.

And yet, despite your fondness of hockey fights and little boy toys, you still remain that sweet little precious bundle of joy to this day. The one who loves to snuggle, and still comes running for kisses when you fall down. The same sweet smile still greets me at the door on a daily basis and loves dancing around the living room to 'Larger than Life.' with his mommy. You hate getting your hands dirty and cares for everyone around you, you hate seeing anyone whether its someone you know or a stranger cry. Your concern for others does not go un-noticed by most.

I know at 3 you will not be reading this. I don't expect you to. And in a way I don't think you need to. But should you in the near all to short distance find yourself stumpling upon this I want you to know, the past three years have been the happiest years. You have become the light in my life, the reason I get up in the morning and the joy to the weeks. And I fear the day when you will no longer be that little boy I have come to love so much. I know one day I will turn around and you will be graduating from high school, and you will hate when I kiss you on the cheek.

Though I will leave you with something you had told me the other day. During a conversation. When I had said I didn't like the fact you were growing up, it meant you didn't need me anymore. You rushed up, smiled and hugged me and said. 'Mommy don't be sad. I am still gonna need you. Always.'

Well little man, I need you too..Always.

Happy Birthday.

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